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DLF SCO (Shop-cum-Office) and booth plots in New Chandigarh.

Certainly! Let’s delve into the fascinating world of DLF SCO (Shop-cum-Office) and booth plots in New Chandigarh

DLF Hyde Park: A Premier Real Estate Destination

New Chandigarh, also known as Mullanpur, is a rapidly developing area adjacent to Chandigarh. It’s a hub of modern infrastructure, green spaces, and promising real estate projects. Among these, DLF Hyde Park stands out as a prestigious residential and commercial development.

DLF SCO (Shop-cum-Office) Plots


What are SCO Plots?

    • SCO stands for Shop-cum-Office. These plots offer a unique blend of commercial and office spaces within the same premises.
    • They are strategically located to attract both business owners and potential customers.
    • Size, Location & Price: The size of SCO plots in DLF Hyde Park varies, but the most common size is 11 square yards.

Location of Most Premium SCO Plots as Today: R-2 Commercial Market.

Price Approx: 2.77cr*

with FAR (Floor Area Ration) 1.75


    • Prime Location: DLF Hyde Park’s SCO plots are situated in well-connected areas, making them ideal for businesses.
    • Ready Customer Base: Being part of a fully inhabited elite residential estate, these commercial spaces come with a built-in upscale customer base.
    • Legal and Civic Infrastructure: The plots are legally approved and benefit from the existing civic amenities.

DLF Booth Plots:

What are Booth Plots?

    • Booth plots are compact commercial spaces designed for small businesses, kiosks, or retail outlets.
    • They are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in a bustling area.

Size and Pricing:

    • Booth plots in DLF Hyde Park come in various sizes, with the most common being 33 square yards
      The price range for these booth plots Approx: 83 lakhs*


    • Strategic Locations: These plots are strategically positioned within DLF Hyde Park, ensuring visibility and footfall.
    • 24/7 Security and Amenities: Water, electricity, and round-the-clock security are available.

Easy Payment Plan of 2 Years*…

Contact Now: +91-98777-77860

Conclusion: A World of Opportunities

DLF Hyde Park in New Chandigarh offers a plethora of opportunities for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re eyeing an SCO plot for a thriving business or a compact booth plot for a cozy retail space, this development promises growth and prosperity.

So, if you’re ready to make your mark in New Chandigarh, explore the DLF Hyde Park commercial plots and embark on an exciting journey! 

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